Quiet anxiety. doubt. stress.

Plant seeds of intentional transformation with hypnosis. Change your thoughts. Change your life.

Quiet anxiety. doubt. money stress. limiting beliefs. imposter syndrome.

Plant seeds of intentional transformation with hypnosis. Change your thoughts. Change your life.

I just can't seem to...

  • lose weight
  • stop fumbling the bag
  • stop smoking
  • get over this bum
  • move on from this grief
  • overcome my fears
  • stop stressing

I need help with...

  • finding inspiration
  • envisioning a positive future
  • improving my athletic performance
  • overcoming imposter syndrome
  • being more visible as an entrepreneur or an employee
  • moving on from a traumatic experience

If any of the above resonates for you, check out our hypnosis offerings below. Hypnosis provides us with the ability to bypass the critical part of our minds so that you can set intentions for real change. Basically, we’ll help you turn on your hater blockers and move past anxiety, self-doubt, shame and regret so you can focus on getting sh*t done — aka living your big beautiful bomb a$$ life.

Hypnosis can often nip issues in the bud in a single session. It’s not like talk therapy where you typically meet with a therapist for years and experience very slow progress over a very long time. In addition to helping with the issues listed above, hypnosis is fun, incredibly relaxing, kind of trippy, and safer than doing drugs.😜

Some Love from the Homies

"Like I'm sure is the case with most people, when I came to Eboni I was going through a major life change. I was experiencing a lot of doubt, feeling very lost and directionless. I had so much hesitation about what to do, where to go, and if I was even capable of handling the road ahead.

My first session with Eboni encouraged me to dig deep inside and see that I have all the tools I need to get through this challenging time, even if I didn't feel that way in the midst of it. She led me through a practice that revealed how I was feeling in the moment, which is big for someone who normally represses feelings in order to power through change. This unsheathing helped me to be more gentle with myself and allow myself the grace needed to move forward in life with appreciation and hopefulness.

When I returned a few weeks later, I was able to share that I felt more willing to be curious about challenges, instead of frustrated. Not to say that I no longer experience frustration, I do, however I am more able to shift into another perspective more quickly than I have in the past, and it is truly serving me well. Upon my return she led me through another practice which, in all transparency, brought me to tears. I unearthed the messages that I needed to feel confident, capable, and supported in my self. "
Ronnie D.
"This is my first experience with hypnosis, and I was extremely thrilled because of the many positive things I have heard about it.

Eboni was insightful, kind and gentle throughout the entire process. Throughout the session, I was grateful for the opportunity to see the obstacle that has been halting my progress in a different light.

Immediately after our session, I felt a sense of alleviation and excitement to continue theses sessions with Eboni. It’s almost been a week since I’ve done a session and I feel more confident about allowing myself to be seen."
Leaisha N.

Lift Off: Introductory Hypnosis Session

Includes Live Video Call
(90 Minutes)

“You don’t have to believe everything you think
We’ve been programmed, wake up, we miss you” -Erykah Badu

So, you need to shift your mindset. Maybe you’re dealing with grief, heartbreak, fears, phobias, or anxiety and stress and you’re ready to move the hell on. Or maybe you want to set yourself up for success with envisioning your future, improving athletic performance, or overcoming an addictive behavior.

This is ground zero for your personal transformation. This introductory session is designed to find clarity on your biggest goals and obstacles – and to see where the inner (or outer critic) may have disrupted your path. Through guided visualization and other hypnosis techniques, we’ll begin lifting the veil on your untapped strengths, spiritual gifts and higher purpose. This session lays the foundation for your transformational journey ahead in which we’ll set intentions that lead you to become the person you are called to be.

The world is waiting for you to step into the best version of you. Frankly, we’ve been waiting and we’s tired. The time is now for you to awaken to your greatness.

Homecoming: Past Life Regression Package

Includes 2 Live Video Calls
(One 90-Minute intro call + One 60-Minute regression session)
“I’m so darn glad he let me try it again
‘Cause my last time on earth I lived a whole world of sin
I’m so glad that I know more than I knew then
Going to keep on trying
‘Til I reach my highest ground”

– Stevie Wonder

It’s time to head back to your old stomping grounds. We’re going deep, y’all. We’ll back that [mind] up to a past life in a place and time that holds wisdom for your soul’s journey today. Maybe you’re looking for some answers to better understand yourself, your relationships, or your life purpose. Or maybe you’re just curious. Either way, insights or life lessons from the past life arise naturally and may bring healing or fresh perspective to your current life.

In the introductory session, we assess your goals and obstacles, engage in guided visualization, and introduce hypnosis techniques to prepare you for your past life journey. In the second session, we visit at least one past life experience to gain insight and learn lessons that can help you grow and heal. The past life regression package is a powerful tool for transformation.

A Change is Gonna Come:
3-Session Hypnosis Package

Includes 3 Live Video Calls (One 90-Minute intro call + Two 60-Minute calls)
“On my mama
On my hood
I look fly
I look good”
– Chalie Boy

It all starts with an intention, that leads to an affirmation, that leads to a behavior, that leads to a habit, that leads to a practice, that leads to a new way of being, that leads to a new you.

Unlock more of your truth and gifts with this 3-session package. We’ll identify and work to dissolve life patterns and problematic conditioning that restrict your potential through regular deep hypnosis work. With progress and insights compounding over each session, you will experience changes in your life. Across the three sessions, we will work to: clarify your holistic vision, identify and dissolve negative patterns, engage in deep intention setting work, track your progress, and provide tools for independent work.

Sky's the Limit:
3-Month Hypnosis Package

Includes 6 Live Video Calls (One 90-Minute intro call + Five 60-Minute calls)
“Sky is the limit and you know
that you keep on
Just keep on pressin’ on
Sky is the limit and you know that you can
have what you want, be what you want”
-Biggie Smalls

For a transformative three months, we’ll meet twice per month to chart your progress and explore new pathways for healing and growth. Through our regular sessions, you’ll establish a daily self-hypnosis and meditation practice to integrate insights between appointments.

This package provides the rhythmic momentum and accountability you need to make major breakthroughs and step into your highest self. Over the course of these six focused sessions, we will work to: create an action plan to identify desired areas of change, overcome blockages, establish a daily practice, adjust course as needed, and provide you with tools for independent work.

Where do you want to experience change in your life? The sky is the limit.

A Brand New Kinda Me:
6-Month Hypnosis Package

Includes 12 Live Video Calls (One 90-Minute intro + 11 60-Minute calls)
“I’ll never be perfect, but at least now I’m brave
Now, my heart is open And I can finally breathe
Don’t be mad, it’s just the brand new kind of free

That ain’t bad, I found a brand new kind of me

Don’t be mad, it’s just a brand new time for me”

– Alicia Keys

Over the course of six months, we’ll meet twice monthly to nurture your soul’s unfolding journey and celebrate your incremental yet monumental progress as you step into greater self-love, wisdom and joy. Ayyyye! We see you, boo!
  • Through hypnosis, we’ll access spiritual gifts, wisdom and strengths buried within you to fully develop and apply them in service of your holistic wellbeing and highest self.
  • We’ll use meditations, affirmations and visualizations to reinforce resilience, optimism and radical self-acceptance – allowing you to fully embrace who you are now. You’ll be quoting Snoop Dogg and saying, “I’d like to thank ME!”
  • At each session, we’ll evaluate what’s working well, challenges that arose, and tailor our approach accordingly to optimize results over our six months together.
  • You’ll learn skills, practices and techniques to maintain continuity in your transformation journey beyond our 6 month package.

The Gift:
Gift a Hypnosis Package to a Friend

All Gifted Hypnosis Sessions Include Live Video Calls
“This year’s gonna be about me
Never will I have another reason to doubt me
This year, this year
This year’s gonna be about me”

– Emily King

Want to send an incredibly dope gift to celebrate your equally dope loved one? Give the gift of healing and hope with a hypnosis package.

See descriptions of all services above.

Frequently Asked Questions

From the Mayo Clinic: “Hypnosis is a changed state of awareness and increased relaxation that allows for improved focus and concentration. It also is called hypnotherapy. Hypnosis usually is done with the guidance of a health care provider using verbal repetition and mental images. During hypnosis, most people feel calm and relaxed. Hypnosis typically makes people more open to suggestions about behavior changes.”

*So, basically, we gently kick in the door of your mind and loudly whisper, “some thangs ’bout to change ’round here!”*

Respectfully, nah… well, not unless you want to do. Hypnosis is a willing experience where we work together for clarity and growth. While the journey inside can be surprisingly fun, leading to bursts of insight or flashes of creativity, our focus is on empowering lasting change from within. You remain in control at all times – We simply guide you to help uncover buried brilliance and reconnect with your inherent wisdom. Our sessions provide an opportunity to have an adventure of self-discovery, not a show. But we think you’ll find the rewards well worth the journey!

Hypnosis is an interactive process.

During our hypnosis sessions, you’ll enter a deep state of focused relaxation. But unlike passive meditation, our sessions remain a two-way dialogue. As the facilitator, I’ll check in regularly even while you’re in trance.

Through questions, affirmations and visualizations crafted just for you, we’ll uncover limiting beliefs at a subconscious level. I’ll help strengthen positive mental images so they resonate deeply.

This back-and-forth allows us to really drill down on your specific goals and intentions. We’ll collaboratively dissolve blocks and install new empowering patterns.

You leave knowing precisely how to reinforce changes through consistent actions. The results? Far more impactful transformations than passive listening alone. Your dreams become achievable through this tailored, interactive hypnosis process.

Short answer: No.

Hypnosis involves a conscious and willing state of focused relaxation, not unconsciousness. You retain awareness and control at all times. As a certified hypnotist, I am trained to ensure your safety and help guide you smoothly out of trance. You can also exit hypnosis simply by opening your eyes. You remain in the driver’s seat. We’ll go at a comfortable pace tailored just for you, honoring your boundaries and ensuring the experience feels safe.

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