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Hey, homies! I’m Eboni, and I used to suffer from “Black Girl Burnout.” It’s the feeling of exhaustion that a Black girl experiences when striving for “Black Excellence.” Despite achieving academic success and having a decent-paying corporate executive job, I felt unfulfilled and out of touch with myself.

However, after discovering and learning how to interpret my birth chart, the roadmap of my life, I gained a better understanding of myself and found the courage to quit my corporate job and live a more meaningful life. Now, I help others understand their own charts and provide guidance during important life moments, such as career decisions or relationship transitions. I also use hypnosis to help clients shift negative beliefs.

My degree in Psychology and African & African American Studies from Duke University, along with my lived experiences, provide me with unique culturally-attuned insights to share with my clients. In my practice, I use a blend of traditional and modern astrological methods to provide an accurate and useful chart delineation that speaks to the concrete realities of my clients’ lives. For example, I might see that they’re likely self-medicating with mimosas on a Saturday afternoon.

I earned certifications in both the Practice of Concrete Natal Astrology and Qabalistic Tarot at the Oraculos School of Astrology with noted astrologer, Mychal A. Bryan. I am also attend astrology conferences regularly to further my knowledge and am a member of several astrological organizations: the International Society for Astrological Research, the Organization of Professional Astrologers, and the National Center for Geocosmic Research. I completed my hypnosis study through the Divine Feminine School of Hypnosis, where I studied with Shauna Cummins. I am certified by the National Guild of Hypnotists.

"I highly recommend a reading with Eboni. It was insightful and stunningly accurate. I was able to learn a lot more about myself, which has helped greatly in pursuing my goals."
Shannon S.

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