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Eboni, the founder of Homegirl Astrology, will be your guide on this journey of personal growth and development.
Photo of Eboni Bledsoe, CEO and Founder of Homegirl Astrology

Hey there! I’m Eboni. As a former corporate executive who experienced burnout, I understand the struggle to stay true to yourself while constantly striving for excellence.

After astrology provided profound insights into my own life journey, I was inspired to share this knowledge. With degrees from Duke University in Psychology and African & African American Studies, plus certifications in Qabalistic Tarot and the Practice of Concrete Astrology from Oraculos School of Astrology and hypnosis training from the Divine Feminine School of Hypnosis, I have the education and experience to offer culturally-relevant guidance.

In my practice, I draw on astrology, hypnosis, tarot and my background to help women gain clarity during important decisions and transitions. Regular attendance at astrology conferences and memberships with the ISAR, OPA and NCGR allow me to provide insightful interpretations tailored for each client’s unique situation.

If you ever feel like you need a fresh outlook or are just going through the motions, I’d love to help you reconnect with your innate wisdom. My goal is to empower women to live fully authentic and fulfilling lives according to their own definitions of excellence. Let’s connect!

A Few Favorite Guiding Quotes

"My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humor, and some style."
Maya angelou
Author, Poet, Activist, Professor, All-Around Wise Badass
"The wound is the place where the light enters you.”
"You can't be the light of the world if you can't pay your light bill."
Rev. Michael Beckwith
Spiritual Leader and Author

Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely! We have helped people of many shades on their journeys to self-awareness. However, we market our services to Black folk so that they always know that a space exists for them in the astrological sphere. We will always proudly and unapologetically uplift and champion Black folk, women in particular, and center their stories.

All one on one sessions happen virtually via Google Meet… If you strongly prefer Zoom, it can be arranged… just know that your recording may take longer to get back to you.

You can also catch Eboni leading group events and workshops in-person from time to time. To find out when and where, stay connected by following us on social media and subscribing to our newsletter.

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