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Culturally-attuned astrology, hypnosis, and tarot services to guide you back to your highest self.
Homegirl Astrology is the ultimate guide for Black women who know they deserve to live life on their own terms. Through astrology, Qabalistic tarot, and hypnosis, we help you to unlock your full potential and create a path towards purpose and joy.

Reclaim your throne.

Are you ready to stop wasting your precious life on an energy-sapping job or people who leave you feeling drained? Are you open to doing some “white people sh*t” to reignite that inner spark? 

This is the part where you start doing something different so you can stop getting the same lackluster results. 😉 We’ve studied all of this stuff (astrology, hypnosis, and tarot) so you don’t have to. Just show up and be ready to change your life, with your cute self.
Black women surrounding a large wicker chair indicative of a throne

Meet the Head Homegirl in Charge

Hey, homies! My name is Eboni Bledsoe. I am a certified astrologer, hypnosis practitioner, and tarot reader but you can think of me as a depth doula because I’m here to help you get out of that rut and into birthing something new. 

Photo of Eboni Bledsoe, CEO and Founder of Homegirl Astrology
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