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Ancient wisdom from Qabalah, geomancy, astrology, symbolism, and numerology combine to give voice to your story and offer insightful advice.

Some Love from the Homies

"Eboni gave great insights and explanation to my current position/relationship with money and some hope for how that might improve! "
Megan G.
Qabalistic Tarot Reading
"Your reading resonating so deeply...You really are gifted Eboni. Continue to do what you do ❤️🙌🏾."
Qabalistic Tarot Reading
"...[Eboni] pulled a tarot reading from about seven or eight cards, and she was able to expound upon what each card meant for about eight minutes [each], and I was totally blown away how accurate this reading was pertaining to the current events going on in my life... it showed me what needed to be done, and what would happen if nothing was done.

This was extremely eye-opening, especially when she took the time to go over a horary chart (forgive my spelling in case this is wrong) and that’s where the magic really started to Razzle and Dazzle. I would highly recommend her services to anyone looking for guidance regarding their past present and future circumstances because she rocks, and quite honestly should be charging way more for her services."
Ken B.
Qabalistic Tarot & Horary Astrology Reading

All the Stars: Horary Astrology & Qabalistic Tarot Reading

60 Minutes
Includes Live Video Call + Recording of Session
“Understand the truth ’bout that question in your soul.
Look up, don’t look down,
then watch the answers unfold.”

– Beyoncé

You’ve got a burning question and we’ve got insights.

Maybe you are choosing between two job opportunities or deciding if moving is a good idea. Perhaps you’re wondering if your amazing new bae is actually a Tinder Swindler.

We will cast an astrological “chart of the moment” (a horary astrology chart) on the spot to obtain information about the situation in question. At the same time, we will pull several tarot cards. We’ll analyze the chart and read the cards to provide context, glean insight, and make a final judgement on the situation.

*If you have your birth chart information available, we will cross-reference that with the horary chart to provide additional context.

Check out this YouTube video where Eboni explains how it works and provides a brief example.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Tarot is an ancient, sacred divination method that uses a set of 78 cards, each imprinted with a different image and having a different meaning.

Qabalistic Tarot incorporates Qabalistic teachings and wisdom to inform the meanings of the cards. Many tarot readers rely on card imagery to explain what the cards mean. Qabalistic wisdom is rooted in the meanings, correspondences, and systems embodied by the Tree of Life.

Big picture questions and timing questions are better left to astrology. Tarot is great for immediate concerns, like understanding the best course of action to take in a specific scenario, or to better understand blockages that you are facing. 

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