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Allow the planets to be your guide. Thousands of years of ancient wisdom have been passed down so that you can get the support you need at this very moment. Bruh. That’s crazy.

Some Love from the Homies

"My birth chart reading with Homegirl Astrology was beyond eye opening. Eboni is the queen of seeing and sharing info in a way that's empathetic and encouraging; four months later and I'm still finding relevant lessons and messages from our meeting. I had some life changes recently and referring back to what she shared based on my birth chart has really impacted the way I interpret and experience the challenges that have come up. I got my natal reading because I wanted to know more about me, how I can embrace life instead of hiding from life, and become a better version of myself. I still have a long way to go, however I am more optimistic that my purpose and life experience has meaning."
Rosanna D.
Birth Chart Reading
"[Since the birth chart reading] I have focused energy on writing. I joined a writers group and have made more progress in my writing than I ever have before. I also feel like I have relaxed in a lot of areas of my life that I felt tension around particularly money and having a more 'normal' job."
Rhoda H.
Birth Chart Reading
"I’m typically anxious at the beginning, ready to learn more about my upcoming year per my chart reading. During the reading I put at ease, learning my chart read exactly like what’s happening in my life. At the end, I left excited and ready to embrace my new journey while trusting the process with the Universe’s protection."
Danielle M.
Solar Return Reading

The Light: Astrological Birth chart reading

60 Minutes
Includes Live Video Call + Recording of Session

“Big, big world, but you got it, baby
Find your way back
Don’t let this life drive you crazy.”

– Beyoncé

Let’s go on an adventure to discover you. 

This ain’t your regular shmegular birth chart reading, boo. We dig DEEP to help you find your way back to your best self.  

We will move beyond the standard “psychological astrology” birth chart reading to discuss the concrete realities of your life — uncovering where you’ve been and illuminating where you could go, based on the available information in your birth chart. We’ll get specific on your personality, finances, family dynamics, relationships, and career – and whatever else the birth chart wants to tell us.

We’ll use a combination of traditional and Uranian astrology to look at your chart.

Here Comes the Sun: Solar Return (Birthday) Reading

60 Minutes
Includes Live Video Call + Recording of Session
“Life is your birth right.
They hid that in the fine print. 

Take the pen and rewrite it
– Beyoncé

So you’ve already had a wonderful, amazing, super dope life-changing birth chart reading with Homegirl Astrology. You’re itching for something else and you want to take things a step further to find out “what’s good for the year ahead?” Book a Solar Return Reading!

Let us see what themes are being highlighted and what areas of life will be spotlighted in the coming year so you will know how to best align your actions for the next twelve months. Think about how you can re-write your story. You can book a year ahead reading any day that we have availability – there’s no need to wait until your birthday.

Because we are looking at how your natal promise (birth chart) is showing up in the year ahead, this service is only available for those who have already had a Natal Chart reading with Homegirl Astrology.

Birthday Cake: Full Predictive Astrology Suite

90 Minutes
Includes Live Video Call + Recording of Session
*NEW* “All I want for my birthdayyy is a
[predictive astrology suite reading from Homegirl Astrology]”
(or whatever 2 Chainz said
– 2 Chainz

It’s a new year – you might as well indulge 😈. This is the whole kitchen sink, y’all!

We’re looking at several predictive techniques to look at the year ahead: solar returns, solar arc directions, secondary progressions, and lunar returns on the standard astrological wheel and on the dial used in symmetrical (Uranian) astrology. We’ll highlight themes you can expect for the year, a month by month breakdown of what to look out for, and note key dates when you can expect big things to happen.

Because we are looking at how your natal promise (birth chart) is showing up in the year ahead, this service is only available for those who have already had a Natal Chart reading with Homegirl Astrology.

All the Stars: Horary Astrology & Qabalistic Tarot Reading

45 Minutes
Includes Live Video Call + Recording of Session
“Understand the truth ’bout that question in your soul. Look up, don’t look down, then watch the answers unfold.”

You’ve got a burning question and we’ve got insights.

Maybe you are choosing between two job opportunities or deciding if moving is a good idea. Perhaps you’re wondering if your amazing new bae is actually a Tinder Swindler.

Changes in life can be stressful. However, you have a choice: you can do nothing and hope things will get better, or you can act to improve your situation. See this moment as an opportunity to take some control over your destiny.

We will pull several tarot cards and cast an astrological “chart of the moment” (a horary astrology chart) on the spot to obtain information about the situation in question. We’ll analyze the cards and the chart and provide insight into your situation.

*If you have your birth chart information available, we will cross-reference that with the horary chart to provide additional context. Check out this YouTube video where Eboni explains how horary astrology works and provides a brief example.

The Gift:
Gift a Reading to a Friend

All Gifted Readings Include Live Video Call + Recordings

Want to send an incredibly dope gift to celebrate your equally dope loved one? Give the gift of an astrology or Qabalistic tarot reading. Use the Stripe payment links below to purchase the gift and send your person a sweet message.

*Note* If the person does not know their birth time, do not gift them a birth chart or solar return reading.

See descriptions of all services above.

Frequently Asked Questions

Astrology literally means “stars talking.” In this practice, we have observed that stuff in the sky (stars, planets, asteroids, etc.) has meaning, and shifts in that sky stuff has impacts on the stuff on the earth (people, plants, animals, etc.). It’s all very “as above, so below.” 

At Homegirl Astrology, we tend to focus on the people side of it all, specifically examining how those celestial shifts impact you (a person) and what can you do to deal with it all.

A birth chart (also known as a “natal chart” or “horoscope”) is a 2-dimensional representation of where the planets, stars, asteroids, etc were in the sky at the exact moment of your birth in the place you were born. Your chart will tell us A LOT about you.

It’s inherently a dope and sacred thing because it represents you and your life, and you are a dope and sacred being. 

At this time, we do not accept birth chart readings for people who do not have a birth time available. Eboni created a video explaining why this is the case. Fear not. We have a few options:

  1. If you were born in the USA, check with the department of vital records in your county of birth to order a certified birth certificate. However, it is in your best interest to call first to find out if the certified version will include the time of birth so that your money does not go to waste.
  2. If you have a pressing concern that requires immediate guidance, you are still welcome to book a horary chart reading.
  3. Find an astrologer who can rectify your birth time. This is not a service currently offered by Homegirl Astrology. Check out Mychal A. Bryan at Oraculos Astrology.
  4. Sign up for our mailing list to stay tuned for when this option becomes available.

While we would be able to tell you when death or at the very least, deadly circumstances, are likely… there’s an old wives’ tale that says astrologers who predict death for clients end up dying sooner than they should… That’s not something we’re willing to test out for you. We love you, but no… just no. And we said what we said! 😚

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